Bar Designs for Living Room, Either Big or Small

Living Room Bar and Terrace

Living room is an important part of a house, in a living room the guests will visit and see our family’s life style. Knowing that living room is the first room for our guests, we need to make it looks great and impressive for our guests so they won’t underestimate our family. There is a way that you can do to impress your guests and make your living room becomes multi function room. It is about creating bar designs for living room.Bar Designs for Living Room

It must be so nice if we don’t need to go to the kitchen to take some snacks and beverages while the guests are waiting for us. Bar designs for living room will easier us to welcome our guests and serve many beverages with snacks as fast as possible without need to leaving our guests in the living room. There are two of many bar designs for living room that I will share here, watch them one by one and apply one of them if you like.Living Room Bar and Terrace

First idea of bar designs for living room is if you have a wide enough living room. If your living room has big space, you can set your sofas facing your small bar. Don’t forget to place a table in the center of your sofas as the place for the snacks and beverages you serve. If you don’t like this idea, you can try to set your sofas facing the outside and build the living room bar behind the sofas. It is not too different with the previous idea.The Living Room Wine Bar

Second idea of bar designs for living room is for small living room with definite space only. If you don’t have any space for your bar behind the sofas of your living room, you can build very small bar in the center of your living room. One of many ways you can try is use a storage table in the center of your sofas and save your instant snacks and beverages inside it. When your guests visit you, you just need to pull the snacks and beverages from the table without run to your kitchen just to take them.

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