Best Wall Decoration Ideas for House and Dorms

Wall Decoration Ideas for Dorms

Do you know that wall is the most visible area from all positions? When we enter a house we will see the walls, when we sit and lying down we will also see the walls. And all that we see are able to influence our mood along the day after we see it. So it is important to decorate the walls of our house or our room minimal and make it looks interesting, by doing this we won’t feel bored to stay at home or at our room. Here are three ideas about wall decoration ideas for house in daily, party, and for dormitory.Wall Decoration Ideas

If we have some kids, we can hang some educative wall art or wall decoration in our walls. The educative wall decoration that I mean is likes the alphabet wall arts, animal wall art, and the other wall arts with bright and interesting colors that are able to stimulate kids’ brain to think. Or we can also place some family photos in our house’s walls, but make it looks unique. For example you can patch a tree pictured wall art and hang the family photos in each branch of the tree wall art. That will be great wall decoration ideas.Wall Decoration Ideas for Party

And for the party that you held in your house, you need some merry wall decoration ideas. Perhaps you can patch some pictures that are suitable with the theme of party. Then hang some balloons or ribbons to make the walls looks merrier. It will need your creativity so think hard about this to get maximal result.Wall Decoration Ideas for Dorms

If you live in dormitory and you have your own room, you need to decorate the walls with something that makes you enthusiasm to study and that is enough to stimulate your spirit. Your parent’s photos or your couple photos are the best wall decoration idea that you can try.

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