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Decorating a house is not easy, it is hard but the result of house decoration has big influence to make people who lived in that house feel endure to stay. Condominium is a residential, it has a same function with house and it should be decorated too. Decorating condo is not easy too, especially if the condo has small space inside it. But, there are so many options of condo small space design you can find from books and internet, and some of them are here.Condo Small Space Design

Condo small space design needs to be decorated with many ideas and creativity. If you lived in small spaced condo, you need to simplify your stuffs if you want to get extra space. Don’t buy and place big sized furniture in your condo small space design. That big furniture will make your condo small space design looks narrower and un-comfortable. It is better for you to buy some furniture with small sized and organize them carefully in each room.Condo Small Space Design Pic

If it is possible, you can buy some portable or modular furniture for your condo small space design so you can get extra space when you don’t need to use the furniture. Utilizing mirrors and glasses in your condo small space design is also helpful. Mirrors and glasses will catch and reflect the shine they get to the all rooms of your condo small space design. By the help of shine, your condo small space design will automatically looks wider and looser than before. It will create a free atmosphere inside your condo small space design.Condo Small Space Design Photo

Color selections of your condo small space design is also influence your interior condo small space design. Choose bright colors for condo small space design is a good idea. Bright colors will make your condo small space design looks wider and freer, that helps you to feel relax and cozy when you are inside.

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