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This world is consists of many countries, each country have their own cultures and traditions. Not only one, the culture and tradition of one only country could be hundreds or may be thousands. Yes, a country could have so many cultures and traditions. I would like to tell you about a country with its culture, the country I meant is Japan. Japan is a country in Asia with many cultures just likes another country. But cultures of Japan are very popular until they are dispersed to many other countries.Design and Culture House of Japan

From many cultures of Japan, I will tell you about design and culture house of Japan. Design and culture house of Japan is very popular with some special characters. What special characters? First is about the doors. All doors in Japanese house are sliding doors. Either it is doors to separate each room or doors for cabinets and wardrobe, all of them are sliding doors. Actually, those sliding doors are designed for small homes, because that kind of doors is able to retrench many spaces.Design and Culture House of Japan Pic

Except the doors, another design and culture house of Japan is related with the low legged furniture. If you watch some Japanese houses, you will find that the dining room has low table with zaisu (Japanese low legged seats). Not only the dining room, Japanese zaisu is also placed in living room where the guests come in and visit that family. Even in bedroom, you will find a bed without high legged bed. They are used to place their bed in the floor with carpet as the layer.Design and Culture House of Japan Photo

About the decoration of design and culture house of Japan, Japanese characters like Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana are so popular. Many people love to decorate their home using those Japanese characters with good meaning to make their interior home looks interesting.

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