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Each room of our home is needs to be decorated. Decoration makes us feel comfort and endure when we want or have to stay there. Decoration will also influence our mood and feeling along the days. Ceiling decoration is very important in bedroom. You have a bed in bedroom and you can lie down there. When you lie down in your bed, you will see your bedroom’s ceiling and it will be so bored if there is no decoration there. In living room, ceiling decoration can be a great complement to impress your guests.Italian Designer False Ceiling

One of many ceiling decorations is false ceiling. False ceiling itself divided in to many designs, and Italian designer false ceiling is on of them. Italian designer false ceiling are also divided in to many selections. And the most popular Italian designer false ceiling is the utilizing of lighting or decorative lamps. LED lamps are classic designed Italian ceiling decoration but they can be wonderful if you combine them with unique shaped ceiling too and Italian furniture.Italian Designer False Ceiling Pic

Italian designer false ceiling second are about decorative shaped fluorescent lamps, especially for bedroom. Fluorescent lamps with butterfly shape, flower shape, sun shape, and the other attractive shapes will make your bedroom looks romantic and beautiful. If you have a wife and you want to make her feel romantic, you can choose love shaped fluorescent lamp and install it in the center of your bedroom.Italian Designer False Ceiling Photo

Italian designer false ceiling with decorative shaped fluorescent lamps are also match for kids’ and teenagers’ bedroom, and also living room. And even you can combine that fluorescent lamp with LED lamps. Install the fluorescent lamp in the center of a room then install the LED lamps in the edges of fluorescent lamps. With modern Italian furniture, your living room and kids’ bedrooms will be so contemporary.



    Need to decorate my kids bed room with false ceiling design

  2. Gisele

    Where can I buy the heart-shaped ceiling light? It’s adorable!!!

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