Important Arrangement on Simple Living Room Interior Design

Simple Interior Design Ideas

What do you think about living room? Is it only a usual room that is not special for you? Or is it an important room for you? For me, living room is an important room because that is the first room that will welcome our guests and its design and decoration influences our guests’ estimations. Our guests will see what kind of family who lives here and they will recognize our family’s life style by observing the design and decoration our living room. Therefore, it is important for me to make design of our living room as well as we can even it just simple.Simple Living Room Interior Design

There is an easy way about simple living room interior design; you just need to think about three aspects: color, furniture, and decoration stuffs. Those three aspects are not able to be separated because all of them will build a living room together. The first is about color. You have to consider maximal three colors for your living room. Too much color will make your living room looks so crowded and complex. But too few color is not good too because it makes your living room looks plain and un-interesting.Interior Design for Living Room

About the furniture of simple living room interior design, you have to adjust the color of it with the main color that you choose for your living room’s walls, ceiling, and floors. Do not forget to adjust the quantity and size of the furniture with the commodious of your living room. Do not place too much furniture inside your small living room because it makes your living room felt full and tight. But if you have enough spaces for your living room, you can place more of furniture or bigger furniture there.Simple Interior Design Ideas

When I say simple living room interior design, it directly reminds me about Japanese design. Like commonly you see on the TV or other media, living room with Japanese design always have less furniture. It is just about table and a wooden plaited mat. And use wood material as the most part of living room. It is not just simple, but it is so comfortable there.

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