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Living Room Colours which Connect with You

Living Room Colours

We have talk about living room decoration, design and furniture. In this occasion, I would like to talk about living room colours. Yes, no one like shuffling up for their room include their living room. Or, maybe you thinking about what color to makes your guest who visit your home feel like home? There are our suggestions for you.Living Room Colours Combination
First selection of living room colours is cheerful color like red, orange, yellow, nature green, and the other light colors. That colors enough to give spirit to us. And it more benefit for family, because the children like these color. Talk about cheerful color, it is the best color you can apply. Yes, these colors can increase spirit for many people; covered from children to adult. And the oldest will enjoy it, when they see their family looks happy there. Combining some cheerful color is also great to be applied.Living Room Colours Schemes
Second, I recommend these colors if you like luxury living room colours; there are gold, maroon, red, magenta, or dark purple. That are some luxury colors you can apply on several spots on your living room. For example, paint it on the wall which easy to see. Then also apply it on sofa, carpet, curtains and pillow case. It will be better if you put some accessories like pot, painting, vase, and the other which have same color with other spot we have talked.Living Room Colours
Calm and quite colors such sage green, gray, pastel, or natural colors like white are your selections. Not only put your mind in rest, these colors also easy to combine with other colors. These last selection better when you habitually go far away to do your job or your guest came from distant regional and need good rest. Don’t be wary these color useful to recover your mood. But it is good if you to combine with bright color like apple green that also recover your spirit.

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