Living Room Painted Tips to Chase Away Guests’ Boredom

Paint Ideas for Living Room Walls

If you want to know what is on someone feeling, you can watch the face clearly. Yes, from the expression you see in someone’s face, you will know what feelings inside the heart. It is also be valid for home. Your living room is the face of your home and people will guess what kind of family, what lifestyle of a home, and what personalities of the owner of a home from everything in living room. Knowing that ‘face’ or living room is that important, you need to decorate your living room as well as you can and show your guests what kind of family who lived there.Living Room Painted Tips

To avoid boredom on your guests, you need to use the best color to paint your living room’s walls. I have some living room painted tips for you here. Living room painted tips the first and simpler is don’t use one only color, at least combine two colors. One color in all surfaces of your living room’s walls will make anyone who sees feel bored. So you can paint two sides of your living room’s walls with same color and the other two sides with another color.Living Room Paint Colors

If you dislike my first tip or if you want to use one color of wall paint only, check the second of living room painted tips I have. Living room painted tips you can try using one only color is choose bright color. Bright colors make your living room looks wider, cleaner, and warmer. In your bright colored living room’s walls, you better hang some wall arts or your family’s photos to make the walls looks un-plain and interesting.Paint Ideas for Living Room Walls

And last of living room painted tips I will share is about centerpiece. You can make a wonderful painting in a side of your living room’s walls as a centerpiece decoration. That’s the greatest idea I have. By that big sized wall painting, your guests will awe your family’s home and automatically compliment your creativity.

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