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One Room House Design for Main Families

One Bedroom House Design

Many people decide to have one or two kids when they build a new family, how about you? The others also want to live with their couple only, without any kid. For people who decide to have no kids, one room house design is the best house design for them. One room house design is a house design with one only bedroom in minimalist style for small family who doesn’t need too many rooms. How can we decorate that kind of one room house? Here, watch some pictures and ideas about one room house design you may like.One Room House Design

One room house design should be arranged carefully and clearly. The first picture of one room house design above shows us that we can get a rectangular shaped house with one bedroom. If you watch it carefully, you will see that there are only two interior doors to separate the bedroom and bathroom only. Yes, for your one room house design, you can also merge some rooms all at once. For example, you can build an open kitchen complete with the dinette that will be visible from the living area.One Room Home Designs

One room house design above smaller than the first before. With the second idea of one room house design, you don’t need to install more than one interior door in your house. It is because you just need one only interior door to cover the bathroom. To separate bedroom, you can use curtain or big book shelf. And you can use the living room as dinning room when you need it, so you can also use open kitchen concept here.One Bedroom House Design

Last one room house design is for square shaped house. If your small house is square shaped too, you can place the living room in the front, and then separate the living room from kitchen with dinette. Behind those rooms, you can use bedroom besides your bathroom. Simple but neat, isn’t it?

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