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Pale Green Bedroom Ideas for Master and Kids’

Light Green Bedroom Ideas

Green is a secondary color that’s a result of composite colors between yellow and blue, and it is a complement of magenta. The main characteristic of green color is cool. Green color is also a color between yellow and cyan. Green is a color of leaves and it is also useful to alleviate stress; therefore it is good to use green color in bedroom, especially shade schemed of greens. Some green color schemes that are good to create green bedroom design are Lime Green, Pale Green, and Light Green.Pale Green Bedroom Ideas

Lime Green is the darkest of those three color schemes; Light Green and Pale Green are a bit different, but both of them are the shadiest of all green color schemes. I have some pale green bedroom ideas for your master bedroom or kids’ room. First of pale green bedroom ideas is use pale green color or light green color for all elements of bedroom from the walls, furniture, to decorations. But this idea is not good for bedroom that’s merged with home office because it is too shade and won’t make us feel enthusiasm to work or study.Light Blue and Green Bedroom Ideas

The first of pale green bedroom ideas and the second about pale green bedroom ideas with blue are very compatible to make our rest and sleep be sound. Pale green itself is able to make us feel relax, quiet, and sleepy. By the additionally of blue that’s a color of water and sky, we can feel fresh too. This combination is so good for busy guys; after work along the days, we just need to enter our pale green bedroom and lie down there, we will easily fall a sleep.Light Green Bedroom Ideas

Pale green bedroom ideas for kids are about interesting color mixed. Don’t use one only color for kids’ bedroom if you don’t want them to be bored. Mix and Match brown color with pale green bedroom ideas or another bold color to balance pale green color. Bold colors make the room looks warm and cozy for kids, they won’t feel bored easily and it is good for you.

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