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Attic is a special room for each house, especially for small house. If you have a small house and you have an attic over your house, you have to exploit it as maximal as possible and use it as a room. What room you can place in the attic? I have some ideas about it and also some attic designs pictures in this article. While you are watching the pictures, you can think about the design or model of your attic in your own house.Attic Designs Pictures

The first room you can place in the attic is just like the first of attic designs pictures above, it is family room. Yes, place some sofas there with rug under the sofas and some gadgets like television, video player, or home theater perhaps to make your kids feel at home and glad to stay inside the house. You need to gather with all members of your family, and family room is the best area. So decorate your attic family room perfectly, if it is possible, place anything your kids love inside the family room and let them play there. It is also easier you to control them.Attic Bedroom Design Ideas Pictures

The second of attic designs pictures above is about bedroom decoration. Actually, this is the most popular idea, about using the attic as a bedroom. Many people love to seep in their bed inside the attic because they can sleep and rest comfortably without any annoyance. You can do the same thing too. Or you can build a bedroom in attic for your child if he or she likes it.Attic Rooms Design

Last of all attic designs pictures is utilizing a living room in your attic. Let your guests awing your house and the views outside your house from the window in the attic living room. I’m pretty sure your guests will be so amazed with your attic design. So, since now, decide and consider the design of your attic perfectly.

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