Red, Orange, Purple and Blue Girls’ Bedrooms Ideas

Orange and Blue Bedroom

Do you know that the color of our private room will be able to influence our mood and even our personality? Now you know this fact. Due to this important reason, we have to decorate our room, included out daughter’s room with specific color that will create good personality for us and for our daughter. Here we will talk about some color combinations for girls’ bedroom; they are purple and blue girls’ bedrooms, purple and red girls’ bedroom, and the last is orange and blue girls’ bedroom.Purple and Blue Girls Bedrooms

The first is about purple and blue girl’s bedrooms, it is about combination between purple and blue color scheme. What is the benefit of this color combination for girls? About blue, it is a perfect symbol of calmness; blue itself divided into many kinds, from the navy blue, dark blue, sky blue, ocean blue, to tiffany blue. If blue color merged with purple color that is combination between red and blue, and if you apply it in your daughter’s bedroom, she will get the calmness from the blue color and get the spirit from the purple color.Purple and Red Bedroom

Beside purple and blue girls’ bedrooms ideas, you can use purple and red bedroom idea for your daughter’s room. If blue is the color of calmness and quietness, red is the color that is identical with spirit, bravery, strength, active, but also romantic and feminine. By combining red with purple in girls’ bedroom, you will create a feminine but mature impression for your daughter’s bedroom.Orange and Blue Bedroom

Last is about orange and blue girls’ bedroom. Orange is a color that is symbolize some characters like relax, happiness, hope, and spirit that it gets from the red and yellow colors. By merging this color with blue, you will get a mature daughter with calm but strong personalities. After you read the information above, which color scheme will you use to decorate your daughter’s bedroom?

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