Sage Green Bedroom Walls Decoration Ideas

Sage Green Bedroom Walls Photo

Need a soundly sleep? Or just want to get a quiet rest? Then you need to decorate your bedroom with color of quietness. What colors you can use to decor your bedroom, that’s able to make you feel calm and quiet? The color of water and sky (blue) and color of nature (green) are the best. Blue color will represent chilly and soft breeze atmosphere. And green is able to make your bedroom looks natural and fresh too. Which one do you prefer?Sage Green Bedroom Walls

Sage green bedroom walls are a good choice if you need maximum quietness. This color scheme of green is a shade color. By applying sage green in bedroom’s walls your sleep will be sound and comfort. The colors of walls influence our mood and feeling every time we see it. When you lie down in your bed while seeing the sage green bedroom walls, you will automatically feel shade and calm. It makes you feel sleepy and asleep in a short time. This is good for you when you need to get rest after work or study.Sage Green Bedroom Walls Pic

But don’t merge your home office inside your sage green bedroom walls. Sage green bedroom walls will make you feel lazy and sleepy, and that’s so bad if you need to get spirit to work. Therefore, you better avoid sage green color as the color of home office and you can’t merge your home office with your bedroom.Sage Green Bedroom Walls Photo

With your sage green bedroom walls, you can use the other green color schemes for your bedroom decor  For example, you can use lime green or olive green color for the linens and decorations. Those combination colors will make your bedroom looks have variations and attractive. By the variation, you won’t feel bored easily to stay and do many things in your bedroom.

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