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Having a small house will give us some benefits and loses. The best benefit you will get is you can clean and organize your house easily without need more energy and time. But you also will get some loses like you need to simplify your furniture and you can’t buy many furniture that will make your small house looks smaller and also felt narrower. All people with small house look for the tricks to make their house looks wider. Are you doing the same thing? I can help you with same ideas about simple furniture design small house here. Read them if you need.Simple Furniture Design Small House

Can you see the first picture above? You need to do anything with your furniture to make your small house looks freer, including by choosing simple furniture design small house. The simple furniture above allows you have some spaces as living room with the chairs and a center table there. But when you don’t need to use the room as living room, you just need to enter the chairs and the center table under the long chairs there. Then your kids can use the space to play or study or do anything freely.Simple Furniture Design Small House Pic

All houses need to have storage to keep many stuffs either the stuffs are big or small. If you need a simple furniture design small house as storage for your small stuffs, the second picture is a good idea. The storage with wheels allows you to save your books, stationery, and the other stuffs there and bring them to the room you want. It also can be a table of your office room or family room. It is simple but very useful.Simple Furniture Design Small House Photo

Or you may interest with the last simple furniture design small house here. By watching the picture above you’ll understand where you can place this furniture. You can take your book easily and read it directly. Place it in your family room, study room, home office, home library, or even in your bedroom is a good idea. So, which simple furniture design small house you like?

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