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Simple Headboard Plans

A bed frame is very useful for us to place a cozy bed we can use to lie down and sleep. Bed frame is also useful to decorate and prettify our bedroom. You can build your own bed frame by your self or buy it in furniture store, it is up to you. But I suggest you to build it by your self, so you can make it as perfect as you want. When you are building your bed frame, you need to watch an important part that’s named headboard. Headboard is a board that’s located over your head when you lie down in your bed.Simple Headboard Designs

Simple headboard designs are available to help you create unique shaped headboard with simplicity. First of many simple headboard designs I have is build a simple headboard or blackboard where you write anything. In this kind of simple headboard designs, you can write schedules, important phone numbers, and the other things you need to remember. That’s a creative idea and good reminder for us.Simple Headboard Ideas

Second of simple headboard designs in the second picture above is about blaze headboard with lighting. This kind of simple headboard designs is the most suitable for kids’ bedroom. You can install many lamps in the edge of headboard and patch several stickers that will glow in dark. Then let it glowingly in the night after you turn off the lamp of kids’ bedroom. This is the best way to teach your kids about stay in dark without feeling fear.Simple Headboard Plans

Last simple headboard designs and the best one is exploit it as storage. You can substitute bedside table with the help of your headboard, place your alarm clock, eye glasses, family photos, books, and the other else in your headboard. Those stuffs will be great decorations too for your bedroom. Find the other ideas about simple headboard designs while you build your bed frame.

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