Simple Home Designs, Special for Small Families

Simple House Designs and Plans

Are you going to get marriage and build a new family? Or you decide to have no child? Then you need to look for a small house or a simple house for your small family. If you want to have an only child, simple home design is still a good choice for your family. Come and see some simple home designs I share here and you perhaps you want to apply one of them as your own house. There are three pictures of simple home designs, with one only bedroom, and two bedrooms. Check them one by one.Simple Home Designs

Simple home design above is for a couple who don’t want to have any kid. This simple home design has a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It has small porches in the front and in the back part of the house. This simple home enables you to clean all the rooms and organize them easily and quickly. You don’t need extra time and energy to clean and organize it because it just a house with same wide for each room.Simple House Plan Designs

Simple home design above is also has a bedroom only, but the design is different with the first picture. In this simple home design, you will get an open kitchen near by the living room and dining room. Your guests will see your kitchen and estimate your family from the cleanness of the kitchen. So if you are interested with this second simple home design, you need to be diligent to clean and organize your kitchen to impress your guests.Simple House Designs and Plans

I have the last simple home design above, a simple house with two bedrooms for you with your couple and for your kid. If you don’t want to have any kid, you can use the other room as a room for the guests if they want to lodge. There are also two bathrooms in this simple home design. This simple home design is bigger than before because you will get a kitchen with dining room and another room as a living room and or family room. From all simple home designs above, which one do you prefer?

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