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I have a bedroom and I love that place. In bedroom we can do anything we want without worry about our privacy. Bedroom is also the best place to get rest and sleep. But all comforts we should get in bedroom won’t we get if there is no furniture that will support it. The most important furniture that should be present in all bedrooms is bed. For kids, teenagers, and small bedrooms, single bed is the best furniture. Let us see some single bed 2012 that are still popular in 2013.Single Bed 2012

First single bed 2012 is called ottoman or sofa. It is multi-purpose sofa that we can use as a sofa in days and as a bed in nights. Ottoman is matches for small home with limited rooms. If there is left one only room that we can use as living room and bedroom all at once, we can use multi-purpose ottoman to retrench the place. Or if your bedroom is too small to have a single bed, let this ottoman becomes your bed in nights then you can place it in your living room as a sofa in days.Single Bed 2012 PicSingle Bed 2012 Pics

Single bed 2012 that’s matches for you who are love travelling and lodging or camping is modular bed. Modular single bed is fold-able and enables you to bring it wherever you want or need to go. This modular single bed has wheels that will easier you to bring it with you.Single Bed 2012 Photo

Single bed 2012 for kids’ bedroom available in many attractive designs; such as boat shaped single bed, car shaped single bed, and also single bed that can be saved. Look at last picture above. That’s a picture of single bed for kids’ room that can be saved if it is not needed. If your kid’s room is small, you can place this kind of single bed with storage over to retrench the space.

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