Small Condominium Interior Design for Wide Atmosphere

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House, flat, apartment, and condominium are some of many residential that you can choose and use to support your and your family’s life. Beside as the place to over shade residential has another function for your family, it is as the place to gather and as the tool to consolidate the family relationship. To complete the second function, we need to make our residential felt comfort and change it to be the best place for all of family’s members. But, it won’t be easy if you have small residential isn’t it? Don’t worry, because I have some tips to make your small residential felt comfort and freer in this small condominium interior design themed article.Small Condominium Interior DesignFirst tip of small condominium interior design is about the merger between a room and another room. For example, you can merge some rooms all at once if your condo has very small spaces. What rooms you can merge together? You can try to merge your living room and kitchen with your dining room. It is not weird nowadays so you don’t need to worry your guests’ estimation. Or if you are too ashamed to merge your kitchen and dining room with your living room, you can try to merge your living room with your family room.Small Condominium Interior Design Pic

Next idea of small condominium interior design is about your small kitchen in your small condo. If you have no more space to exploit a room as your dining room, you can try to use the kitchen’s preparation table or your kitchen’s island as your dining table. You can use it as your preparation table when you are cooking meals for your family and after you clean it you can use the table as your family’s dining table.Small Condominium Interior Design Photo

Last idea I have of small condominium interior design is about the rooms’ separation. If you are interested to merge some rooms but you are too shy, you can separate each room using curtain or shelves. So you can use very small space for your separator and exploit it as the storage too.

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