Tips For Building A Wine Cellar

Building A Wine Cellar In Basement

Wine is worthy drinking. It’s has more value than other drinking type. Wine can show person social status. Wine with hundreds years old can be sold in fantastic price. Don’t wonder if three bottle of old wine can be changed with one sport car Ferrari. If we like drinking wine or we run wine business, so building a wine cellar is important way to store this wine. It can be built on basement. There are four factors we should consider if we will build a wine cellar. These factors are rack construction, temperature, cleanliness, lamp and avoid certain material.

Building A Wine Cellar

First tip for building a wine cellar is building strong rack construction. Choose hard and solid wood for this rack. Remember that these wines will be stored on very long time. This wine rack must able support it. Soft wood has possibility to break and damage after long time using. It’s less durable than hard wood. Without strong rack construction, our wine investment are on risk.

Building A Wine Cellar Underground

Second tip for building a wine cellar is controlling temperature. This cellar must be free from mildew growing. It must be avoided from humidity. It’s better if on this cellar is installed temperature indicator and regulator. Temperature indicator to control its daily temperature and temperature regulator is for warming room, such as on cold season.

Building A Wine Cellar In Basement

Fourth tip is keeping its room cleanliness. It’s important to pay attention on its room cleanliness. Remember this is very worthy commodity. Cleanliness will make sure this commodity is always on good condition. Fifth tip is lamp. Without lamp, this cellar is dark. Measure dimension of this cellar, then determine how many lamp will be needed. Choose the right wattage. This lamp must not always with white color. Yellow and orange color can be used. Last tip is avoiding certain material. Don’t install rugs or carpet. These appliances are tend to dirt and when it become humid, mildew can grow fast.

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