Tips For Decorating A Small Dining Room

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Decorating small space for dining room is more difficult than for other room, because there is minimum size for table. It is less flexible than other room. On dining room, if table dimension is too small, we will nit enjoy dining event. It will be stuffy, while bigger table will spend more area. So it is better if we make floor plan for dining room. Explore many ideas, try to arrange several combinations. After that, decorating s small dining room can be started.

Decorating A Small Dining Room

First tip for decorating a small dining room is prioritizing to choose circle table. For the same dining room area, circle table can save area more than rectangle area. Besides that, circle table give other advantage. Intimate feeling is felt more than on rectangle table. People feel seem close each other with circle table. We can say that circle table is more efficient for dining room. It provides additional free space for moving around it.

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Second tip for decorating a small dining room is prioritize light chair without arm than chair with arm. Chair with arm is seen bigger than without arm. Besides that if we want to move it, it is lighter. After dining event is finish, this chair without arm can be enter into space under table. It will give additionally free space. Also assuming this chair come from the same brand and material, it will be cheaper than chair with arm.

Ultra Modern Kitchen Designs Remodeling Ideas Pictures

Third tip is furnishing mirror on the wall. Several mirror will work well. It is not only for aesthetic consideration. The main function is for reflecting light and make double impression room, so this dining room look larger.

Fourth tip is beautifying wall with art work. Big work can work to create illusion bigger impression, besides for adding colors on this dining room.

Fifth tip is about color preference. For small dining room, lighter colors will provide better result. If we want darker, create accent color with bold color on one side wall or give white trim to focus it and reduce dark impression.

Sixth tip is making good floor plan. As above explanation, decorating small dining room provide more challenge, so explores first many good ideas, then evaluate which is good and then action to realize it. Good floor plan can be useful guidance to minimize risk and improve efficiency to finish this task.

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