Tips For Gardening On Courtyard House

Courtyard House Plans

Courtyard house is a house where the main part of building is surrounded by courtyard. This house type was born since thousands years ago. On the heritage building, this courtyard is on center of building. So, this courtyard is surrounded by building. But building like this need very large area. On this modern era, courtyard house can be built without on very large area and this courtyard can be put in front of main building. So, this courtyard house like a house with front yard. On these house courtyard designs, front area can be functioned for many purposed. On the past, this courtyard is open space area under the sky.

House Courtyard Designs

If we want to function this front yard as garden, here are several tips. First tip is making seating area on these house courtyard designs  where people can sit enjoy here. Here can be put outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture from wood, wicker and metal are good choice.

House Plans Courtyards

Second tip is creating garden on these house courtyard designs. There are three options garden here that we can consider. These garden type are flower garden, vegetable garden and herb garden. Flower garden is planting flower plants on this garden. Many color flowers will give pretty look for this garden. Vegetable garden is planting vegetable plants that can give food for homeowners. Here for example can plant tomatoes, pepper and cucumber. Herb garden is fit for people who love cooking.

Courtyard House Plans

If we like planting many plants but we don’t want this garden will be full with plants, so we can choose several plants that will be fit with this purpose. There are many plant types that cannot grow big and spend area. These plants can be chosen to be planted here. For example on these plants category are Japanese maple, Mexican orange, silverbush, blue fescue, rose mallow, jasmine, lavender, star magnolia, yellow banksias rose.

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