Tips For Keeping Deer Out Of Garden

Living Keeping Deer Out Of The Garden

Deer is pretty animal, we can find on wild nature and zoo par. They are pretty but also a gadfly animal type, especially for some plants, such as vegetable. They are real threat for this garden. If we stay on suburb region with nature environment surrounding this area, this deer threat can be real. It’s better to anticipate to protect our garden. If there are not sufficient food for them in their habitat, they will look for on another place, such as on garden. Here few tips for keeping deer out of garden. First tip is building a fence around our garden. Fence is the main garden protection. This fence can be built from wood, thorny wire or combine these material. Keep this fence in proper height distance from ground. A deer can jump in amazing height to pass a fence.

Keeping Deer Out Of Garden

Second tip is planting some plant that naturally can make deer go away. It can be natural fence, besides that it can beautify our garden too. Here are list of these plants: clinquefoil, horehound, goldenrod, rosemary, anise hyssop, butterfly weed, poppy, barberry, french tarragon, lavender, santolina, basil and parsley. These plants can be combined with fence if necessary. It can be strong way for keeping deer out of garden.

Keeping Deer Out Of Garden Fence

Third tip is don’t put favorite deer plant near fence or in edge of garden. It can be easy invite deer to come in. Always put this plant type near home. It make us easier to control this plant. Naturally a deer is afraid to people. They will not come close to a home. They will prioritize on plant near fence. Fourth tip for keeping deer out of garden is planting evergreen fast growing tree. Some types such as Carolina Sapphire Cypress and Norway Spruce are good for this purpose. These trees can cover our garden from outside. It can prevent gadfly animal to know and come. Besides that, these trees can help us create healthy environment.

Living Keeping Deer Out Of The Garden

Fifth tip is never give food for deer. Sometimes we are interested with their pretty and funny and then give them food. It’s not good. One we give them food, it will make them come back on the next time. If we don’t give them food anymore, they will eat plants on garden. Sixth tip is make trap for them. If possible we dig ground outside fence. Cover this hole with twig, leaf and soil. Let deer trap here. It wil make them surprise and afraid to come back. It will be good if combined with statue, sculpture, fishing line or scarecrow to make them afraid.

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