Tips To Apply White Color On Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Paint Colors

For small kitchen, white is great color choice. White can make this small kitchen is looked bigger, clean and tidy. What we have to know now, this white color can be gotten from several sources. Paint color is first source. Other great sources are natural light and lamp light. So, paint color is one of several sources to get white color. When we look for wall color ideas for small kitchen, we will find several useful ideas to decorate small kitchen. And key factor here is how to make it look bigger and comfortable for any activities.

Wall Color Ideas For Small Kitchen

First tip from wall color ideas for small kitchen  is painting this small kitchen wall with white color. White wall can make this small kitchen is brighter. This white is applied on wall and ceiling. White ceramic for floor is also good, but it doesn’t matter if we will choose hardwood floor for this small kitchen. Hardwood floor with shiny surface will add brighter impression for this small kitchen. All of furniture and appliances are also better if prioritized with white to complete this white small kitchen.

Kitchen Wall Paint Color Ideas

Second tip that we get from wall color ideas for small kitchen is painting ceiling with white. Usually ceiling is painted with lighter color than wall color, but because there is not lighter color of white, so this ceiling is also painted with white. Try to keep simple this ceiling appearance. Ceiling without ornament and accessory is fit for this small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Paint Colors

Third tip is installing wall lighting. If this kitchen ceiling is looked low from floor, installing wall lighting can help to make it look higher. Ceiling lamp will make this ceiling look lower. White lamp on wall can complete this white small kitchen on the night.

Fourth tip is letting natural light brightening this small kitchen. Natural light is unlimited free source. Don’t miss to use it. To use it, just prepare large window with clear glass. When decorating window, avoid element that can obstacle this natural light.

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