Tips To Beautify Bedroom With Purple

Bedroom Purple Accent Wall

Decorating bedroom with purple can able bring luxurious and glamour atmosphere. This lavender color is often called as royal color. So, if we want to feel living on bedroom like a royal family, try purple as main decoration color. Purple is available from light to dark to create bedroom purple. If we choose dark purple, it must be balanced with good lighting to reduce dark impression. If we want to own bright bedroom, light purple can be combined with white. White is versatile color. It is good to be mixed with purple. Now we will use light purple.

Bedroom Purple

First step to bedroom purple is painting wall with bright purple. To make it look lighter, give white trim on edge wall position. It can work like frame to focus purple. If we like, wall color can combine purple and white. Both accent wall with purple and white are look good. Usually for bedroom with purple, accent purple wall is often used.  As alternative for paint, we can install wallpaper with purple pattern. It will give decorative wall. It is more creative.

Bedroom Ideas Purple

Second step is putting furniture with lighter color. This lighter color is used to make this furniture looked focus is this wall is painted with purple. Purple furniture on bedroom purple will make this furniture disappear. White and beige furniture work well on this bedroom. If this wall is dominated with paint and purple as accent wall, so purple furniture can be good option.

Bedroom Purple Accent Wall

Third step is decorating window with white or purple curtain depended on what dominant color on wall. Purple curtain make this bedroom purple is felt more shady and romantic, while white help to make brighter. Benefit of purple curtain, it is stronger purple impression on bedroom and can able hide dirt.

Fourth step is adding accessories. Purple pillow on white bedding, white mirror frame on purple wall, purple rug over white ceramic and purple bedding on white bed are few good examples.

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