Tips To Beautify Circle Glass Living Room Table

Glass Table Lamps For Living Room

Glass table on living room will be more beautiful, if we can beautify it. Here there are few ideas to decorate it.  It’s good chance to express our personality and taste through this decorating. On this decorating, we will use circle glass living room table as sample. First idea is decorating it by putting flower arrangement above it. Several flowers such as orchid, calla lily and rose are beautiful to be put on this table. Put it on glass vase. Pretty vase design will complete these flowers beauty. To keep its freshness for several days, it’s better if on this glass vase is poured water.

Circle Glass Living Room Table

Second idea is decorating this circle glass living room table with art furnishing. For example, put tray from wood and then put ornamental fruits from resin. It will be looked very beautiful. Other idea is putting glass plate, then put fresh fruits on this plate. Putting fresh fruits here are looked more fresh than just art furnishing, but it has to be controlled any time. Make sure there are not foul fruits there. It can happens if we put fruits there for several days and there are not people eat it. Art furnishing is simpler. It just need to be cleaned every time.

Glass Living Room Table Sets

Third idea is decorating with lighting. It can be done by changing its table buffer with box that contain lamp inside it. This box can be bought or we can make it. Measure first table size, width and length. Then determined proper size for this box. Create first box frame. It can be made from wood. Prepare place where a lamp will be installed. Then install blurry acrylic to cover this box frame. That’s it. Then put glass table sheet above this box. So, when lamp inside this box is turned on, this circle glass living  room table will be looked more interesting. Don’t install high wattage lamp here. It can make this table is felt hot.

Glass Table Lamps For Living Room

Last idea is decorating it with stencil. Here we can decorate it as our taste. There are many picture design options from this stencil. Decorating with stencil here is similar with decorating on wall. Put screen printing on chosen area, then use roller or air brush to paint it. Then ornament picture on this screen printing will be printed on its surface.

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