Tips To Beautify Room With Marble

Marble Floor Tile Patterns

Undoubtedly that there a lot of people that like marble. Nowadays we can easily to find beautiful marble tile designs. This natural stone is hard and beautiful. It’s more expensive than ordinary ceramic and it’s more difficult to be installed than other flooring tile. But all of these obstacles don’t reduce people desire to install this natural stone on their house. This is versatile material. It can be installed anywhere. It can  be installed on the floor, wall, kitchen countertop, table and so on. Installing marble for certain people make them feel pride. This material can also increase house value.

Marble Tiles Designs

Marble tile designs for wall less variations than marble for wall. Several marble for floor are fit to be installed on the wall. Specially for wall, there are marble is cut on small size. But keep it on standard size like on marble for floor is also good. Either soft light color or dark color are beautiful to beautify wall. But soft light color is brighter than dark. It’s good both on small room and big room. Usually marble for wall are installed on kitchen and bathroom to protect this wall from water and also to beautify it.

Luxury Marble Tiles

Marble tile designs for floor have various design more than marble for wall. It also has various size. It’s widely used on house, office and building. For big house and building floor, there are marble that specially designed for this purpose. It can be decorated with rectangle, triangle and circle ornament. One of interesting ornament marble for floor is using of sacred geometry as its main design.

Marble Floor Tile Patterns

Last using of this marble is on kitchen as countertop. It transforms kitchen become more luxurious. It has similar function with granite countertop. To make it more beautiful, usually under cabinet above this countertop is installed lamp. Some lamps such as hockey puck light can be chosen.

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