Tips To Beautify Room With Sala Ceiling Design

Sala Ceiling Design Ideas

If we ever visit to heritage building from the past or just read it on the book, we will find that building ceiling from that era are decorated with picture. On the past, ceiling is important to element on building to express art soul. Many important art work can be found on that sala ceiling design. Usually this ceiling is decorated with geometric pattern picture, picture from holly book, angel, god of Greek and so on. We will find extraordinary decoration on that ceiling. Now, if we like it, is there simple and cheap way to do that?

Sala Ceiling Design

First idea to adapt this sala ceiling design  is installing wallpaper with geometric pattern on ceiling. Of course, it’s not common idea because usually wallpaper is installing on the wall. Name wall+paper show that this material is designed and produced for wall. But, if we talk about art, everything is possible. So, don’t worry to do it. If this wallpaper is looked good on ceiling, it will not be problem anymore.

Sala Ceiling Design Pictures

Second idea to decorate with this sala ceiling design ns hiring local artist to draw on ceiling. Just give him a picture to be imitated. Cost to pay local artist is vary, depended on difficulty level of this task. If we ask him to draw exactly like on heritage building ceiling, it will spend a lot of budget, because original sala ceiling design on building from the past is really complicated. It’s not easy to be imitated. Maybe we can compromise to look for simpler picture but still has similar concept with commonly sala ceiling design.

Sala Ceiling Design Ideas

Third idea is decorating it with stencil. Nowadays on the store can be found various design on stencil. Try to find out ornament, picture or pattern on screen printing that has similar concept with real sala ceiling design. Then use roller or airbrush, printing it into ceiling.

Fourth ideas is printing big picture on synthetic material. Now, there are many big printers that have ability to print on big size. For big size printing, usually use synthetic material such as on advertising picture on the street. Use this way can create picture exactly like on origin sala ceiling design. Then this printing picture is installed on ceiling.

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