Tips To Beautify Small Modern Bathrooms

Small Modern Bathroom Tiles

Good bathroom should reflect personality, lifestyle, comfort and following trend. Make bathroom become next place after bedroom and family room to make fresh and relax. Small modern bathrooms decorating that accommodate aesthetic, comfort and functionality are very valuable bathroom. The right treatment to get good decorating for small modern bathrooms is removing clutter, make it brighter, keep it simple, replacing old furniture and appliance, modern color selection and adding modern material and fixtures.

Small Modern Bathrooms

First idea to get small modern bathrooms is painting wall with color that reflect modern way, such as white, black, grey and neutral colors. White is first consideration. This color has quality to hygiene, versatile to be mixed with other color and make brighter. If we want to get small modern bathroom that reflect healthy style living, white is perfect color. White is associated with clean, pure, hygiene and healthy.

Small Contemporary Bathrooms

Second idea to own small modern bathrooms style is furnishing modern furniture and appliance on thisĀ  bathroom. Check whether bathroom vanity and shelving there are seen old and need to replace with new ones. Replace them with simple and modern style.

Small Modern Bathroom Tiles

Third idea is adding fixtures with modern look. Check whether we will replace or add need fixtures. Stainless steel or chrome faucet, glass pedestal sink, glass and porcelain vessel sink and also cherry wood and glass bathroom vanity are good options fixtures to provide modern look.

Fourth idea is color selection and ignorance. To showcase modern look, avoid to apply colors like bright blue, green and yellow. These colors tend to pop. Feature modern look with white, grey and neutral colors. Bold color as accent color can be accepted but we have to restrict this bold color proportion. Good idea is creating decorative wall using faux painting kits and wall paper. Vertical strip line with faux painting can able to create higher illusion and art touching by adding rough texture like on expressionist style art painting.

Fifth idea is replacement of existing floor tile with marble or granite. These natural stone are able to make this small bathroom look modern, expensive, glamour and pretty. Both dark and white are beautiful.

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