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Tumbleweed Tiny House Pictures

There are many companies that offer tiny house with many style, design and price. Tumbleweed tiny house company is on of these companies. This company is owned by Jay Shafer. He is founder of tiny house. He run this business for years and he has ever lived on tiny house for years. This company can be considered, cause we believe for person who sell something that he also use it. We believe that he sell the running well product. But it doesn’t means that other companies are not good. Here are five considerations we should know as guidance when to buy tiny house. These considerations are price, material, feature, flexibility, company reputation and satisfaction guarantee.

Tumbleweed Tiny House

First consideration is price. Undoubtedly anymore that price is the most important factor. Don’t buy anything exceed its real value. Value comes from many factors. But price is not the only one factor. Cheapest price sometimes is not good choice. Cheaper price but by reducing its quality is very bad. We cannot call it cheaper, because there’s value reduction. Tumbleweed tiny house always keep balancing between quality and price. It’s one good point to be considered.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Interior

Second consideration is material. What material is used for building this tiny house? If wood as main material, make sure this tiny house is made from high quality wood. And also make sure that this tiny house s made with good construction. Buy from  tumbleweed tiny house free us from these two problems.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Pictures

Third consideration is feature. Check all features inside this tiny house. Look at room interior. How many rooms there, size and its completeness. Usually there are living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Small bedroom is placed on loft. Check how they arrange and organize these rooms, furniture and appliances.

Fourth consideration is flexibility. Some companies sell ready made tiny house and plan. If we will buy ready made, would they modify to fit with our requirement? Or if we don’t like with their designs and we have our own design, would they build based on our plan? Asking it to them to find the best seller.

Fifth consideration us company reputation. Prioritize only buy from company with good reputation, even though maybe its price is little higher than other company. Buy from good company is wise decision to get high quality product. Last consideration is satisfaction guarantee. Asking them, how their company policy about this issue. Can they give guarantee to make their buyers feel satisfy?

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