Tips To Choose Girls Bedroom Themes

Girls Bedding Sets

Basic principle to decorate boys or girls bedroom by using three things. Ask them what favorite color, hobby and collection stuffs. From these three information, we can develop a good bedroom interior for kids. For example when we will decorate girls bedroom, we must above three things. After that we can find the right girls bedroom themes. Usually all girls like soft color, especially pink and purple. Pink can create romantic atmosphere. It’s fit with girl psychology. If she like watching cartoon Barbie and she also likes collecting Barbie dolls, we have three information for next development idea, these are pink, cartoon Barbie and Barbie doll.

Girls Bedroom Themes

Then prepare to imagine how these girls bedroom themes will be applied. Bed and wardrobe are the main furniture in bedroom. It can be chosen in pink color or combination white and pink color. White can be good complement color for pink. This bed then decorated with bed, blanket and pillow in pink color. Because she like everything about Barbie, we can choose these bed fixtures with Barbie theme in pink. Picture funny and pretty Barbie can be sweet decoration here. Wardrobe can be chosen in pink or combination white and pink. It can be placed near table for learning.

Girls Bedroom Paint Idea

On the floor can be installed rug or carpet. Rug or carpet with white and pink color combination are beautiful. On the wall, we can install funny picture. This picture can be framed with funny frame. Modern frame with solid wood in white or pink color is good. Other picture or decoration can be install on the wall, such as picture Barbie on several positions. Because this girl like Barbie, these girls bedroom themes will not complete until we place some funny Barbie dolls on this bedroom. It can be put on bed, near pillow or quilted headboard. It can be sweet friend for our girls when they will sleep.

Girls Bedding Sets

Near bed can be placed small cabinet. On this whit small cabinet, we can put table lamp for sleeping. Table lamp with funny decoration on cap is match for this bedroom. Choose right wattage, because this lamp is functioned as sleeping lamp. Lamp in blue, green and yellow and low wattage can make girls sleeping tight. Above bed can be installed hanging lamp and around this lamp can be installed several small Barbie dolls. Before sleeping, these dolls can be interesting sight.

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