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Kitchen Countertop Materials

There are many choices of kitchen countertop options that we can choose. If we will select kitchen countertop material, here are three factors to decide it. These are budget, prioritize and material choice. First factor is budget. Installing kitchen countertop is great way to decorate and remodel kitchen. It’s great kitchen decoration element. Determine first how much budget we will spend for buying kitchen countertop. Each choice has consequence on budget. Second factor is prioritize. What is prioritize on kitchen countertop choice? Are you looking for affordable price, quality material, durable material or just looking for interesting appearance? Third factor is material choices. Some popular kitchen countertop materials are granite, stainless steel,  marble, concrete, tile and glass.

Kitchen Countertop Options

Granite is one of most popular kitchen countertop options. This material is hard, durable, scratch and water resistant. Install granite countertop make kitchen become stylish and luxurious. It’s also easy to be clean. Granite with glossy and dark color is looked luxurious and never out of date. Stainless steel will bring modern atmosphere on the kitchen. It will create metal style. It’s durable, scratch and water resistant, easy to be cleaned and looked clean. Besides it creates modern atmosphere, this material is also fit for every kitchen style.

Kitchen Countertop Options Pictures

Similar with granite, marble is other popular kitchen countertop options. It’s durable, scratch and water resistant, easy to be clean, timeless style, looked shady and cold. Kitchen will be looked luxurious by installing this countertop material. Concrete has widely choices. It comes on many colors. It’s flexible to be used as kitchen decoration element. Its color can adapt with kitchen room interior color. Concrete is hard, durable, water resistant and looked classic.

Kitchen Countertop Materials

Tile is other flexible material. It comes on many choices on size, color and ornaments. If we want to create cheerful atmosphere, tile with floral theme and light color is good choice. Glass is modern element. It’s widely used for many purpose, including for kitchen countertop. It’s hard, scratch and water resistant, easy to be cleaned and come on many color choices. The weakness of this material is this glass can be break easily.

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