Tips To Choose Lamps For Kids Rooms

Lamps Boys Rooms

Lamp is important element at a home, including on kids bedroom. To make them feel comfortable, it must be installed the right lamp on their bedroom. There are so many various lamps on the store that we can choose. Here few guides to select before buying. To choose the right lamps for kids rooms, we should know first its functions. Generally there are two functions on kids bedrooms, these are lamp for reading and lamp for sleeping. There’s difference between these two types. Starting from reading lamp. This lamp has main function for reading. It has wattage higher than sleeping lamp. Usually it comes on white color, clear or blurry. Blurry is more comfortable for eyes.

Lamps For Kids Rooms

This reading lamp can be installed on table or on ceiling. It uses sitting lamp if installed on the table. Sitting lamp with cap is common lamp for this type. This lamp can be moved up and down to regulate the lamp direction. When buying this lamp, make sure to get the right wattage. Too low or too high are not good. Too low wattage make kids meet difficulty to read, and too high will hurt kids eyes. To choose the right wattage lamps for kids rooms are important. Reading its specification first before buying.

Lamps Kids Bedrooms

Other lamps for kids rooms type is sleeping lamp. Sleeping lamp is lamp for sleeping. Different with reading lamp, it has lower wattage than reading lamp. If reading lamp usually come on white color, sleeping lamp has many colors choices, such as green, yellow, blue and red. This sleeping lamp can be a standing lamp, table lamp or hanging lamp.

Lamps Boys Rooms

Standing lamp usually is installed on the corner. Table lamp is placed on the table. This table can be placed near bed. Table lamp with funny cap is good for kids. This funny cap can be decorated with cartoon character. This sleeping lamp can also be a hanging lamp. If this hanging lamp has two function to be reading and sleeping lamp, usually this hanging lamp is completed with switch to turn on and off these lamp types alternately.

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