Tips To Choose Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

Paint Colors Ideas For Black Furniture

Dark furniture such as dark brown and black furniture provide several benefits. It gives flexibility to be combined with other color, it can hide dirty from this furniture and can give formal, elegant and conventional style. Both dark and light colors can work well for dark furniture. There are several paint ideas for dark furniture. If for several considerations, we make this dark furniture as focal point, so painting wall and complete it with accessories in white can be done. While to make shady and warm room, analogue color for dark furniture can be taken.

Paint Ideas For Dark Furniture

First paint ideas for dark furniture is choosing contrast color. For example, if this furniture is black, then decorate wall with white will create black and white room. Both black and white are classic colors. It will create timeless room decorating style. White is also make focus this black furniture. White is applied on wall, bedding, pillow, ceiling, curtain, table lamp and so on. Combination of white and black create classic and modern style together.

Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

Second idea is combining with red. Red and black are strong color. Red can be applied on wall, bedding, art painting and curtain. All wall sides can be painted with red or if we want to create accent wall, one wall side is painted with red and other sides are white. Combination red and black will work well to create conventional, formal and masculine impression. It can be applied on dining room and bedroom.

Paint Colors Ideas For Black Furniture

Third idea is using neutral colors. Neutral colors like beige, grey and also shades of green and blue are good to make balance room with dark furniture. It will reduce dark impression, specially if this room is not enough big. It will be good to make brighter.

Fourth idea is using analogue colors for this dark furniture. This is ultimate paint ideas for dark furniture to create beautiful dark room. Dark colors like dark blue and purple can be combined with black furniture. These colors can be implemented on wall, pillow, rug, bedding and curtain. These colors combination will give serious impression for this room.

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