Tips To Choose Swing Sets For Kids

Wooden Swing Sets

Swing sets are popular playing for kids. It can be built by our self or buy on the store. There are several good swing sets, from simple until complicated shape. At least There four things we should know before buying swing sets for kids. These things are wood quality, hazard free, chain and anchor. Starting from wood choosing. Wood is common material for making swing sets. Every wood has different quality. Strong wood like oak is better than pine. Strong wood is more durable and more safe to kids. Soft wood has potential problem to be collapsed. A frame swing sets from strong wood is less risk than soft wood.

A Frame Swing Sets

It’s better if this wood is water proof and pressure treated. It’s more durable on using. Besides that, make sure there are not sharp part on this swing sets to prevent kids skin from hurt. The next factor is hazard free. Safety is the most important factor on swing sets choice. It must be safe from collapse possibility and it’s also safe from dangerous chemical component influence. Make sure, these materials are free from chemical component such as chromium and arsenic. It can cause dangerous disease for kids. Pay attention on chemical factor when selecting a frame swing sets.

A Frame Metal Swing Sets

Some swings sets use chain and other use rope. Chain is better and stronger than rope. Rope that’s covered with plastic or nylon is good choice. It can protect kids skin and finger from hurt. Rope is not as durable as chain. Make sure this chain is installed strongly on hanger. Inspect all of bolt and joints part. All these elements must be in well construction. It will determine quality of a frame swing sets.

Wooden Swing Sets

Last factor is anchor. Swing sets with ground anchor is better than other type. This construction is more stable and more safe because this swing sets legs are attached into the ground. We can make stronger this foundation by digging ground around these legs and then pour stone, rock, sand and cement into this hole. After few times, it will be hard and strong.

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