Tips To Choose The Right Kitchen Stools

Kitchen Stools Ikea

Kitchen stools presence on kitchen can bring new atmosphere like on café or restaurant. If there is table or bar on kitchen with color, complete it with kitchen stools green is very looked good. These green kitchen stools are looked contrast with its bar and it can be interesting focal point on kitchen. Before buying kitchen stools, there are several things we have to consider first. These things are size, comfort, style, kids and color.

Kitchen Stools Green

First thing is size. On the first picture, there are kitchen stools green with white bar. These are looked good. At first time, measure first height of this bar, then this height is subtracted with 10-12 inch. Result of this calculation is height of kitchen stools that is good to be used. Lower or higher than this guidance will affect on comfort.

Modern Kitchen Stools

Second thing is comfort. After determining height of kitchen stools, now we determine what kind of kitchen stools will be used. On second picture, we see kitchen stools green with wood construction. Kitchen stools construction can be made from wood and metal. No matter what materials are used, it must be felt comfortable. Here on this second picture, these kitchen stools are completed with soft mattress.

Kitchen Stools Ikea

Third thing is style. Every kitchen has its own style. When selecting kitchen stools, this design and style have to be match with kitchen decoration. For modern kitchen, kitchen stools with metal construction are good choice.

Fourth thing is kids. If we have kids, it’s better if we choose kitchen stools with adjustable height. So, these kitchen stools can be adapted with kids body.

Fifth thing is color. On this sample, kitchen stools green are looked good to be combined with white bars. We can choose different color, but these kitchen stools color have to be match with kitchen decoration. If we want these kitchen stools are looked striking, it can be chosen on different color with its bar.

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