Tips To Choose The Right Rear Tine Garden Tillers For Your Garden

Rototiller Rear Tine

For every serious gardener, rear tine garden tillers is very useful tool to tilling soil. Before planting a plant into soil, it’s better if this soil is tilled first. This is one of the best investment for every gardener. On the market there are three type of this tool. These type is SRT ( Standard Rotating Tines ), CRT ( Counter Rotating Tines ) and DRT ( Dual Rotating Tines ). On SRT type, tines rotate on forward direction. On CRT type, tines rotate on counter clockwise direction. While on DRT type, tines rotate on forward and counter clockwise direction. DRT type is versatile type. But, actually which is better for us? The answer is depended on the condition of our garden.

Rear Tine Garden Tillers

Look at the second picture for comparison from one brand. Here on the table, SRT type has engine power 206-305cc. It’s strongest than CRT and DRT type. It’s perfect for tiling soil in the wide area and for harder work. If soil on our garden is hard and has wide dimension, SRT is best rear tine garden tillers for us. It can does better than CRT and DRT for this garden. Compared with CRT and DRT type, this type is most expensive choice.

Choosing A Rear Tine Tiller

CRT type is perfect rear tine garden tillers for clay soil or for loosening hard soil. It has engine power lower than SRT type. This power is 196-208cc. For small garden and not too hard soil condition, CRT can be used. Besides that, CRT type is cheaper than SRT type. CRT type is also lighter than SRT and DRT type.

Rototiller Rear Tine

If we look for versatile rear tine garden tillers, DRT type is best choice. It’s tines can rotate on forward and counter clockwise. It can be switched into forward and then into counter clockwise direction easily. When it’s used to tilling hard soil, it can be switched into forward direction. And when it will be used for loosening hard soil, then it can be changed into counter clockwise. This tool has engine power 160-205cc.

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