Tips To Complete Traditional Wooden Bed Designs

Traditional Bedroom Furniture

Do you like traditional wooden bed designs style? It’s beautiful, elegant and memorable. By giving the right elements choice on this bedroom, this bedroom will be better again. We will not talk about this traditional wooden bed anymore, but we will focus on what other elements that will complete this bed beauty. This traditional bed can come in two styles. First style is the real traditional bed. Second style is traditional bed with modern touching. On the first style, this bed make this bedroom like bedroom on rustic house. But, however it’s about taste. Both first and second style are good.

Traditional Wooden Bed Designs

First tip to complete these traditional wooden bed designs are installing painting, photo and mirror on the wall. Painting with traditional atmosphere such as landscape on rustic environment or woman from rustic region are good. This panting is better is completed with simple style or ornamental wood frame. Photo in black and white or grey scale color is perfect to bring traditional look. Similar with painting, it’s good to be given simple style or ornamental wood frame. Mirror with ornamental wood frame is perfect to be installed on this bedroom wall.

Traditional Wood Bed

Second tip is installing lamp to complete these traditional wooden bed designs. Put table lamp with cap above cabinet and install crystal hanging lamp on ceiling are perfect way to beautify this bedroom. There are many traditional lamps style with modern touching that we can buy on the store.

Traditional Bedroom Furniture

Third tip is installing wood floor type on this bedroom. If we want to get the real traditional look, reclaimed or salvage wood type are perfect choice. But if we want something more modern, so hardwood floor or floating wooden floor are good alternative.

Fourth tip is adding green plant on this bedroom. This plant presence will bring freshness on this bedroom. To keep its freshness, this plant has to be maintained everyday. Keep giving water everyday. Regularly put this plant near window to get natural light from outside.

Fifth tip is decorating fireplace mantel by adding some elements above it. This fifth tip is done if there is fireplace mantel on this bedroom. Above this fireplace can be put painting, photo, art furnishing articles and so on.

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