Tips To Create Amazing Basement

Cool Basement Pictures

Sometime a basement is only used as storage place. It’s such as warehouse underground. But actually there are many  cool basement ideas we can realize on this basement. Especially if this basement has large dimension, it will give us flexibility to make over this basement. If we like watching movie and listening music, this basement can be transformed become home theatre. Put TV table with rack in front of wall. Big TV screen is put here. Our DVD collections can be stored on this racks. If speaker on TV is less satisfaction, we can add stereo set. Then put sofa in front of this TV. A coffee table can be placed here. So, while we enjoy action movie or rock band concert, we enjoy hot coffee. It’s pleasant, isn’t it? This is the first idea.

Cool Basement Ideas


Other cool basement ideas is by creating playhouse for kids. Maybe let kids play on the garden or bedroom will make them bored. Basement will be exciting place. Here they can create mini town by making mini house, building, car, people, tree, river, shop, airplane, airport, stadium, train and so on. Then install mini train with railroad along this mini town. Now turn on this train. It will be exciting sight here.

Cool Basement Bar Ideas

If our family like reading book, basement can be library for them. Build bookshelves here such as on library building. Organized book and magazine based on title, category and writer. Give label for each these book and magazine. Arrange table and chair in circle or rectangle arrangement. Don’t forget to decorate this table with flower. If we don’t want feel troublesome to maintain this flower, imitation flower is good to be chosen. Live flower is more fresh, but it needs more maintenance. Library is good idea for educated family. If we like invite friends to drink coffee, this basement is good alternative. Some coffee table can be placed here. It’s more comfort without chair. We can sit down on rug. Other cool basement ideas still can be explored.

Cool Basement Pictures

If we like play billiard, this basement can be used for billiard room. Put one billiard table. Install hanging lamp with cap above this table. Don’t forget to decorate basement wall with the same theme. For example, if we create home theatre here, on the wall, we can install printing picture of triller movie or movie star. AC and room heater will be important appliances here. When summer season come, AC can cool and when cold season, room heater will warm this room. So, if we have pleasant basement, it will reduce our family time to go anywhere. Here we can get fun.

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