Tips To Create Beautiful Small Homes

Beautiful Small Houses

Even a small homes has chance to be beautiful small homes with the right planning and decorating. First thing that it has to given attention is clutter problem. This home has to be free from clutter. Cleaning it from unnecessary stuffs inside home. Only needed furniture, appliances and fixtures can be put here. Outside home is also cluttered from unnecessary element. Be focus on one or two element inside or outside home. This way beside to make it more pretty look, it also save budget to not spend money on unnecessary things.

Beautiful Small Homes

Second thing is coordinating on space and light. To make beautiful small homes, these homes have to be felt loose and bright. To make it loose, it needs space planning. Don’t put too much stuffs on this room. It must be adapted with its dimension. At least 50% space on a room is used as free space. It will give people flexibility to walk, move and do some activities. To coordinate light can be done by planning lamp installation, window planning and window decorating.

Small Dream Homes

Measure first this room dimension and then determine how many number of lamp and the right wattage for these lamps. Make sure all of wall corners are lighted with lamp. But don’t install lamps with too high wattage. Of course it can make this room is brighter, but it can hurt eye and not comfortable. Number and size window on this home also need attention. Make sure it will not obstruct natural light to pass it. Light color for window decorating elements are good for this small house.

Beautiful Small Houses

Other important factor to create beautiful small homes are colors choice and coordination. Both interior and exterior need the right colors choice. Use color wheel to determine which colors will be choose. Choose one main color and then complete with two complement colors.

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