Tips To Create Beautiful Wall Art For Nursery

Wall Art Stickers Nursery

Cheerful atmosphere is the main goal of decorating for nursery. This wall art for nursery can be done with poster, sticker, vinyl, mural and stencil. Poster, sticker, vinyl and stencil are easy and cheap. Poster and vinyl are easy to be replaced and installed again. Sticker and stencil need to repaint wall again if we want to replaced with new design. However, these methods are easy to be done by everybody. Two keys to decorate nursery are color and theme choices. The right colors are soft light color. To get good combination, use color wheel theory to get the right choice. Interesting themes for nursery are animal, floral, cartoon, kids name, alphabet and number.

Wall Art For Nursery

This wall art for nursery can use combination of poster, sticker, vinyl and stencil. Before doing it, It’s better to draw layout first. Planning to put where wall art will be put. Here planning first where we will put poster, sticker, vinyl and stencil. Each of them have different advantage and weakness. For small and medium pictures, poster is good choice. For medium and big picture, use sticker, vinyl and stencil. Sticker and vinyl have dramatic color than stencil, but stencil is more elegant and soft. Sticker and vinyl is perfect for colorful pictures. Stencil is perfect for pictures with less color number. For colorful pictures, it will be difficult if done with stencil.

Personalized Wall Art For Nursery

Before decorating it, make sure this wall are clean, flat and smooth to get best result wall art for nursery. If necessary this wall is repainted first. Then decorating it one by one. Starting first with posters. Put on the right position. Posters with animal, floral and number character are fit for kids. It’s better to give simple frame for these posters. Decorative frame is not fit for these posters. It will create different atmosphere later. Decorating concept for nursery is cheerful, colorful, funny and happiness. Avoid to create something serious here.

Wall Art Stickers Nursery

After posters are put on its place, then doing the same task for sticker, vinyl and stencil. Sticker and vinyl are plug and play method. Stencil is a little bit difficult. It needs several step to do it. But it’s god for balancing with other wall art type.

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