Tips To Create Black Bathroom Designs

Black Bathroom Vanities

Black is dark color. On the color meaning theory, black represent mystery, elegance, formality and power. Is it possible to use his color to decorate a room, specially for bathroom? Yes, it’s possible. Even though, it’s sound like strange, but there are many people that like to decorate their bathroom with black color theme. Of course, black will not be the only one color here. It will be frightening. Black can be combined with white to create stylish and modern look for these black bathroom designs. Bathroom with black color theme is very unique. It’s good to be considered to decorate bathroom. But it’s advised for big bathroom. Small bathroom is not fit with this black decorating.

Black Bathroom Designs

First step to create black bathroom designs is changing wall and floor look. Some ideas to create wall with black color is by painting it with black or by installing black marble, granite and ceramic. Painting with black is good and cheaper, but installing black marble or granite are good way to create luxurious look. If we want to save money, replace marble or granite with black ceramic.

Black Bathroom Decor

Next step to create black bathroom designs is by installing black ceramic. If we want to avoid monotonous impression, black and white color combination for ceramic can be considered. It’s looked more fresh like chess playing table. Besides that, furniture and appliances on bathroom must be adapted with this black theme. Choose bathtub and bathroom vanity with  color. Maybe for bathtub it’s sound like strange, but this black bathtub can be found on the store.

Black Bathroom Vanities

On this bathtub and shower can be added shower curtain. To avoid from monotonous impression, chose shower curtain with black and white design. For example, black shower curtain with white ornament picture. It’s stylish and pretty look. To complete this decoration, put flower arrangement in black color glass vase. Now new look bathroom is born.

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