Tips To Create Café Atmosphere Into Basement

Cafe Interior Design Concept

Can we feel café atmosphere in our home. Well, it’s interesting question. Ordinary drinking will be felt more special if we drink it on café, because atmosphere there is felt alive. There are live music, neon sign, big screen TV and so on. We can remodel basement with this café interior design, but of course we will select several features on café that we will choose.  Here we will not make stage for live music, because this basement is not for commercial purpose. Watching live music from karaoke is enough on this basement.

Cafe Interior Design

First task is creating café counter or café bar. It’s essential element on café interior design. Here, several bottles of drink are arranged, complete with glasses. These glasses can be hanged like on real café. Put hockey puck light lamp above these bottles and glasses and LED lamps behind it to make exciting this area. Led lamps on pink, green, blue are good. Here people can serve their self to make drink.

Cafe Interior Design Photos

Second task is putting big screen TV. It’s for replacing stage for live music. This TV can be put on the wall or using TV stand. Under this TV can be put cabinet. Here is stored many DVD collections. Give proper distance between this TV and chairs on this room. To make real like on café room, table on this room is decorated with glass and a candle is put inside it.

Cafe Interior Design Concept

On the wall can be decorated with neon sign with letter shape, for example “Café On Basement”. Neon sign with LED lamp will make this room like on real café. Poster about menu list can be made. We make it seems like on café. Make menu list, complete with its price if necessary. Also put music star and movie star poster there.

To beautify ceiling, there are several good ideas lamps. One of them is installing lantern lamp. Lantern lamp with red paper is good to make it romantic, shady and special.

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