Tips To Create Cheerful Atmosphere With Clear Glass Coasters

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Nowadays we can find many beautiful clear glass coasters. It can be bought with cheap price. Don’t you know that this small stuff can create cheerful atmosphere on our special event? Drinking coffee, dining and outdoor party can be special event with this small stuff. What we do here is selecting the right ornament picture on it. If we want to create special clear glass rosters, we can buy this stuff with blank design and then add our own design by stencil. It’s special and valuable than other ordinary clear glass coasters on the store.

Clear Glass Coasters

For young couple, decorating dining event with clear glass coasters with pink heart picture is good. It can create romantic atmosphere. For kids, the can use clear glass rosters with cartoon picture theme. There are many funny pictures that we can choose. If we invite friend to drink coffee and we know that he works on ships, put coffee glass above clear glass coasters with nautical picture theme will impress him and drinking coffee event will be more exciting. This little trick can be used for every guests. If we know they work on contractor company, so putting their glass above this stuff with building picture theme will make them happy.

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If we want to own exclusive clear glass roasters, buy blank type and then decorating it with stencil. There are many stencil design that we can choose. Stencil is widely used for decorating wall, but it’s very rare to be used to decorate this stuff. So we can sure that our clear glass coasters later will have exclusive design. It cannot be found on clear glass coasters store.

Clear Glass Coasters Products

But if we don’t want to buy ready made design stencil, we can design by our self. We can use graphic software like corel draw and photoshop. This design later can be printed on screen printing stencil, then this screen printing is painted with roller or air brush on this clear glass coasters.

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