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Having little house is okay, not all of people need big house. Even a little house has several advantages: less time and effort to maintain, saving energy and less budget to build or buy. Here there are four cheap ideas to create cute little house. These ideas are color choice, stencil, curtain and funny lamp. Every color has color family. This color concept understanding is important. Whatever color that we choose, it should be combined with other fit colors. Without understanding this concept, this home color will be looked like unplanned. Here are few sample good color with its combination.

Cute Little House

Assuming for this cute little house, we will use blue as exterior and interior color. This color still needs other color to complete it. There are various of blue color, from light to dark. For example we will take nautical blue color as main color. This color will be fit with toasted white and olivewood color. If we like orange, how can we combine it? For example we take refreshing mimosa color as orange type. Then this color can be combined with clay bisque and delicious plum color. It’s good combination. If we feel strange with its name, just browse color catalogue to know it.

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Decorating with color is decorating in low budget, but it can get high impact. It can bring new look. Other low budget decorating use stencil. Decorating by stencil can be done by using screen printing. On this screen printing there is certain ornament, then use roller or air brush we can print this ornament into wall. There are many ornament options can be chosen if we use stencil. Select that will be fit with wall color. Use stencil in proper number. Too much stencil decorating will make this wall is looked unplanned.

Cute Little House Photo

Cheap fabric curtain can also beautify this cute little house. Fabric with cheerful ornament theme is good to bring new look on window. So this window is not only to pass natural light and fresh air, it also become beautiful element on this house. Last, this house will be good if it’s decorated with funny lamp. Installing lantern lamp on ceiling is one of good idea.

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