Tips To Create Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Black is everlasting color. It means power and mystery. Decorating kitchen with distressed black kitchen cabinets are the right way to create timeless beauty and rustic atmosphere for this kitchen. To make it by repaint all of kitchen cabinets become black, if previous color is not black. At first time remove all of stuffs above and inside these kitchen cabinets. Use screwdriver to remove all of hardware on these cabinets. It’s better to smooth all of surface with sandpaper to get best result painting. Bring all of these kitchen cabinets into drying and hot place to make faster drying after painting. Before it’s painted with black, it’s better to be given primer paint. After this primer paint is dry, then use roller or airbrush to paint with color black.

Distressed Black Kitchen Cabinets

The art of distressed black kitchen cabinets are this kitchen is looked aged. After this black color is dry, then use distressing material to give certain pattern on its surface. It’s free to determine what patterns will be choose. We can use metal chain to create this pattern. It’s easy to be done. Don’t give too much ornament with distressing material on this kitchen cabinet surface. Keeping it’s looked rustic, but still good.

Furniture Look Distressed

After this kitchen cabinet is repainted, then it’s time to decorate the whole kitchen interior with similar atmosphere with these distressed black kitchen cabinets. Every colors that express rustic atmosphere can be applied, for example light brown, light orange and grey. Old style look ceramic or hardwood floor tile can be installed. On ceiling can be installed ceiling fan and hanging lamp. Hanging lamp with black or white cap is good for this kitchen.

Rustic Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Wall near kitchen zinc can be decorated with wall tiles. For chairs, choose rustic style chairs. Because of applying color black on these kitchen cabinets, automatically it brings dark influence on this kitchen, to make it balance, then decorate window. Select curtain with rustic style ornament and light color.

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