Tips To Create Interior Design Classic With Vintage Theme

Interior Design Classic Style

For many reasons, people like classic style to decorate room. This interior design classic is old fashioned look. Decorating room interior with this style will be withstand for long time, because this is everlasting style. To do it, we can use vintage theme to show this style. Vintage theme can be applied on color choice, furniture, wall art, collectible stuffs, wallpaper and wall clock. Colors that is it to show classic style is light pink, dark brown, grey, old rose, champagne gold  and so on. These colors then is applied on wall, furniture and room decorating elements.

Interior Design Classic

Vintage furniture on this interior design classic come with many shape. Some of them are decorated with ornament, either on its wood material on in its fabric. It’s looked beautiful and create old fashioned look. If on modern furniture, simple line is striking factor, now on this classic style, various shape and ornament are striking character, beside its old color look.

Interior Design Classic Living Room

For this classic room, vintage wall art can be installed on the wall. Including vintage wall art here are painting, photo and poster. Painting with old style and vintage frame is good to be chosen. Also old family photo on black and white and vintage frame on the wall will remind us sweet memory from the past. If we like installing poster, poster about old music group or old movie can be chosen, for example poster of The Beatles and movie Gone With The Wind are looked good as wall decoration on this interior design classic.

Interior Design Classic Style

Collectible stuff such old dish and stamp can be put on the wall. Several old dishes can be arranged on the living room wall corner or on the kitchen, while stamp with its frame can be installed on living room, family room or bedroom. Wallpaper with floral theme is perfect to show classic style. While wall clock with wood box is also good to show its classic look.

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