Tips To Create Koi Fish Ponds

Koi Fish Ponds Pictures

Koi is beautiful fish. On some cultures is believed to bring fortune. Maybe it’s debatable, but this pretty fish is good to be cared. Create koi fish ponds on garden is good way to decorate garden. It has many advantages. Garden will be looked more beautiful, it creates shady and cold atmosphere. More than that, sitting near this pond, and then enter legs into this pond make us feel fresh while enjoy this fish swim around this pond. There are several things we should know first before building koi fish ponds. These things are pond dimension, water circulation, location and food.

Koi Fish Ponds

Dimension, including length, width and depth is important factor on koi fish ponds. This dimension must be adapted with how many koi will be entered into this pond. A lot of koi in small pond will cause die for them, but less koi in big pond is only spend area. Give attention too to pond depth. Koi like to swim around pond and into deep. Besides that, pond with enough depth will give secure feeling for koi. It can be sanctuary place for them when there are predator come. They can hide there.

Koi Fish Ponds Designs

God water circulation is needed for koi fish ponds. It’s for making sure that water is always circulated. Change dirty water with clear water. Besides that, water circulation is also supply air for koi. Water circulation system tool can be bought on the store or on the aquarium store. This water circulation will be more good if it’s combined with garden waterfall. Water can be circulated and then flown through this garden waterfall and then flow into this pond. This garden waterfall construction can be constructed from stone, rock and concrete.

Koi Fish Ponds Pictures

The right location for these koi fish ponds is near lush plants, such as near ornamental grass. This plant will help this pond to be shady and protecting from sun light directly. The last thing is food. Koi must be given food every day. This food can be bought on aquarium store.

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