Tips To Create Minimalist Bathrooms And Showers

Bathroom Design Minimalist

Minimalist bathrooms and showers are perfect for small bathroom, but it can also applied on big bathroom. The main goal of this decorating is creating spacious impression, healthy bathroom, clean and modern look. It’s easier if we will decorate bathroom from the scratch where bathroom is still on planning stage. But if this bathroom is already exist, we need to remodel it. It’s better to draw first its layout, complete with all of existing furniture and appliances there. Then try to make several options to redecorate it. At first time, replace unnecessary stuff from bathroom. Here, only needed stuffs may be put here. Only important furniture and appliances are put here to give new free space.

Minimalist Bathrooms And Showers

After unnecessary stuffs are replaced, then replace shower curtain with acrylic. Acrylic has better appearance than shower curtain. It’s also more concise and tidy. Now look at window. Does it need to be redecorate? To create  minimalist bathrooms and showers, this window have to be decorated with simple decoration. If necessary, replace old curtain with simple curtain.

Minimalist Shower Enclosures

Now after successfully creating additional free space, now it needs storage place on bathroom to put anything. Cabinet is good storage place to organizing soap, shampoo, conditioner and soon. This cabinet can be installed on the wall. If we need to install bathroom vanity, choose simple and modern model. Bathroom vanity with pretty ornamental is beautiful, but not fit for minimalist bathrooms and showers. If there’s bathroom vanity, mirror with modern style frame can be put above it.

Bathroom Design Minimalist

All of decorating room, including for bathroom will not be complete, without good lighting presence. Modern lamp on ceiling is good choice. Several lamps can be put both on ceiling and wall. Now, this bathroom has had free space and modern look. To beautify this bathroom, we can install poster on the wall and put flower arrangement on bathroom vanity.

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