Tips To Create Nice Bedroom Ideas With Purple

Nice Bedroom Colors,

Do you want to bring luxurious impression into bedroom? Try to decorate with purple. Purple reflect royal lifestyle. Purple is available on many variants. Dark purple is perfectly to bring luxurious atmosphere. Feel sleeping on bedroom like a king and queen. There are several colors option to be added on purple bedroom, depended on this purple color depth. For adult bedroom, combinations between purple and dark blue or dark brown reflect established living. Below are three nice bedroom ideas with purple from dark purple, accent purple and light purple.

Nice Bedroom Ideas

First nice bedroom ideas option is dark purple. On this first picture, dark purple is combined with dark brown and grey. Purple is used for wall, mattress and floor. Dark brown is for cabinet and grey is for rug. This bedroom is felt shady. This bedroom decoration use decorative furniture for bed and cabinet. Also there are decorative mirror and table lamp. Luxurious impression is felt from this bedroom. Transition color from dark purple into dark brown and then grey is smooth.

Nice Bedroom Designs

Second nice bedroom ideas choice is accent purple. On second picture, dark and light purple is combined to create accent wall. One wall side is painted with dark purple and to keep this bedroom look bright, for balancing are brought white, grey, pink, blue and yellow. This bedroom is rich of color, but purple impression still presence here. White, grey, pink, light purple and dark purple make color transition run smooth and then added blue and yellow to attract eyes.

Nice Bedroom Colors,

Third bedroom idea with purple is blending purple with bright yellow. This combination create cheerful and happiness atmosphere. Perfect for girls room. White and beige are used to keep this bedroom is felt bigger. Yellow is complement color for purple. Yellow presence here for balancing purple. So even though two wall sides are painted with dark purple, this bedroom is still looked bright by yellow and other light colors.

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