Tips To Create Romantic Bedroom With Purple

Purple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Purple is romantic color to represent feminine character. This color is fit to bring romantic atmosphere. Perfect as alternative for pink. Purple also means deep feeling and mind. Fit for adult people. Furnish your purple room with paint, bedding sets, curtain and rugs. Then add contrast color as accent color to give variation to avoid from monotonous impression. Between this purple and contrast color can be added color as medium color, so transition color will run smoothly on your bedroom. Now we will explore creating romantic purple room ideas for adults.

Purple Room Ideas For Adults

First step to realize purple room ideas for adults is painting wall with purple. There are many variations of purple. Wall is main room element to show entire impression, so decorate first this wall. If we paint with shades of purple like lavender flower, pain all of wall sides with purple. If we paint with dark purple, as balancing to reduce dark impression, add light color such as cream or beige as accent color.

Purple Room Painting Ideas

Second step implement purple room ideas for adults is lying down purple rug or carpet. This purple rug and carpet will add warmth for this bedroom. To make this purple rug and carpet are shown striking, it is better if this bedroom install white ceramic. Brown hardwood floor is not fit for purple rug and carpet. If our bedroom is big, black mosaic ceramic can work well. It will bring contemporary stile. But for small bedroom, light color is more suit for ceramic.

Purple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Third step is furnishing bedroom furniture with white or neutral colors. If this wall is purple, so bed, cabinet and table lamp can be good on light color. If we put all of furniture in purple, these furniture will be seen disappear. Utilize these light colors for balancing.

Fourth step is completing bed with purple linen and silk bedding and pillow. Combinations between white bed and These glamour look purple accessories are good to enhance romantic appeal on bedroom.

Fifth step is decorating wall with purple accessories, such as mirror, poster and romantic photos with purple frame. If we can put purple flower like lavender above cabinet, it is very good.

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